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Elizabeth Arden-Advanced Ceramide Capsules

1 week Challenge

I have very kindly been given a weeks worth of Advanced Ceramide Youth Boosting Capsules by Elizabeth Arden, and what with Spring teasing its way into the year, and my skin being utterly confused by the process, I thought now would be a good time to see just how much my skin can get out of a weeks course.

Your skin renews about every six weeks, so I am not expecting miracles. Elizabeth Arden states that visible results will be noticeable after two weeks of treatment. What I am hoping for is a boost of hydration and vitamins into my skin to set it off on the right course for summer (and to apologise for everything I put it through this winter!)

What is Ceramide, and why is it so good for you?

But First lets talk Ceramide. In short, it is a lipid (a fat molecule), the ones that surround your skin cells, the cell membrane, giving it its plump and cushiony look. As we age the natural lipids in our skin begin to deplete meaning we are left looking more dehydrated and less plump in the face department.

The Pitch

Our iconic capsule, now with triple the anti-ageing power. A lightweight, silky-smooth serum that infuses skin with youth-restoring ceramides and potent botanicals for a visibly smoother, firmer and youthful appearance.

Proven to take years off the look of your skin.

In just two weeks:**

95% of women showed clinical improvement in skin firmness
84% of women showed a clinical reduction in lines and wrinkles

The Trial

Before. Yes, that is a Jedi dressing gown!

The capsule (biodegradable) is easy to open; cut the nib with your nail. Be careful to catch all the liquid inside! The serum is a very light, almost water/oil like consistency. Rub the serum between both hands and gently pat over your face, neck and decalotage. I was surprised at how far it went.

What I liked was the immediate smoothness of my skin and how quickly it absorbs. You may also be grateful that is it preservative and fragrance free.

I am writing this half an hour after applying my first treatment and it still feels like it is on my skin, though nothing is wiping off or showing. Basically, I am well nourished and hydrated!


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As I suspected a week wasn't quite long enough for a complete turn around on my skin but certain results were undoubtable noticeable. Overall increased smoothness and my skin does feel softer. I had also had a particular nasty spot on my cheek and this hugely aided the healing process.

Here are the Benefits of the Advance Ceramide Youth Boosting Capsules according to Elizabeth Arden, and how yours truly felt that it lived up to the statement.

  • Immediately re-texturises and revitalises the look of skin. Re-textured - Yes. Revitalised? It wouldnt be the word I would use but my skin is more moisterised for sure. 
  • Visibly improves skin's radiance. On first application but not a lot of difference throughout the day. I would expect this to be forefilled after a longer treatment. 
  • Supports skin’s natural collagen for a firmer look. As above - this takes time!
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I am more of the fine line and frown line department - I'm 35. The enhance moister in my skin certainly seems to be making my lines look a little softer. 
  • Enhances skin hydration for a fresh and balanced feel. YES YES YES
  • Skin is noticeably softer and smoother. YES YES YES - you knoe the feeling you get after you've used a primer? THAT kind of soothness!

Is it worth it?

At £39 for 30, £66 for 60 and £84 for 90 you are looking at about £1 per application. Its an investment to your skin care. If you are someone who has to reply on serum, moisturiser and foundation then actually £1 a day, and a little concealer, isn't bad going in my opinion.