• Go Your Own Way Beauty

    Making Make-up Shopping & Application accessible for Everyone


    In today’s world of social media, hints, tips and tutorials are everywhere but knowing what to buy and how to apply it can be a little overwhelming!


    Go Your Own Way Beauty is a make-up consultation service that allows you to take as much or as little control over your make-up as you want.


    As a bride to be, I discovered how difficult it was to get the make-up and looks I wanted without being a) harassed by beauty consultants, b) judged and c) sold products that I would NEVER use again. Beauty consultants have one problem; they are all loyal to their brand.


    I began my make-up life in theatre and was quickly called upon by friends and family for advice on products and techniques that suited them. The woman in Boots who randomly steps in when you are umming and ahhing over two products – that’s me!


    Personally, I use products that range from Chanel to Primark! It’s about finding what works for you, your ‘investment’ products and personal favourites (don’t we all own that Rimmel concealer stick as a back-up?!). Nothing you use should be judged or tossed to one side because of its price tag.


    Go Your Own Way Beauty is designed to offer you completely impartial advice to your make-up routine. Each of our experiences are designed for you to choose the most suitable for your skills and budget.


    For a FREE Initial Consultation, to discuss your needs and what I can offer, please drop me a line.


    Download the brochure for full details of the experiences or

    get in touch in book your FREE consultation

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    The Consultation


    This give us the opportunity to talk through which session would be best suited to you and discuss any concerns or skin sensitivities.

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    The Shopper


    You can use your Shopper experience to cover your basic day-to-day God help me what do I do with my face look or for any special occasion.

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    The Bootcamp


    The Bootcamp is ideal for brides, or those wanting a look for a special occasion, to allow you to have the trick to apply your own make-up without breaking out into a sweat!

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    The Experiment

    £50 - £100

    This is the trial for a look you want to achieve and want someone else to apply.

    One look: £50 Two looks: £75 Three Looks: £100

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    The Safety Net


    If you just don’t want to think about it, or you want the indulgence of someone else doing your make-up this is the one for you!

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